Your creation deserves a unique presentation. Allow us to introduce your art to the rest of the world. We understand, that as creatives, sometimes you need a little bit of help after your masterpiece is competed. Our experts can guide you down the right path to showcasing your artwork, through a strategic marketing plan designed for you. We can also assist you in further developing a network in the U.S. market, to increase your visibility. There is no point in making art if it cannot be shared. Let use help you share your creations to the world.




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Art Exhibition

As a creative, we understand that you need to stay focused on your craft. Let us do the leg work to propel your sales to the next level so you can stay focused on creating. Industry Global can help in your marketing ventures, connecting you to art galleries and art fairs in both the NYC and Miami markets.


Asian Antique / Western Fine Instrument

If you are not sure how much your antique is worth, why not ask our experts? We have the most reputable and experienced experts to help you appraise your collections for free.